By Chris Welford on 24th March, 2021 in Balance, Feelings and Emotions

Next Monday in England we all have an opportunity to take a positive step forward.  The “rule of six” will return and the strict stay at home message will no longer apply.  Outdoor organised sports will make a comeback and some of the shackles will be off. It’s vitally important...

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Sleep yourself well!

By Chris Welford on 16th March, 2021 in Rest and Relaxation, Sleep

We welcome a guest blog this week from Dave Gibson our resident sleep expert and specialist wellbeing coach. When we fall ill, we instinctively want to sleep longer. That’s because we are designed to ‘sleep ourselves well’. In this way, our immune system stimulates us to sleep. In fact, the...

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That’s NEAT

By Chris Welford on 11th March, 2021 in Change, Exercise

That’s NEAT Last week we talked about the importance of movement, but this isn’t all about exercise.  There’s also NEAT – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis– which is a measure of the calories you burn just doing everyday activities. Our bodies use the energy in the food we consume to: Simply survive...

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Moving to the new normal…

By Chris Welford on 4th March, 2021 in Excercise, Wellbeing

For many of us, the daily commute is going to be something from the past.  As we approach the end of the COVID restrictions, it’s becoming clear that many office-based based jobs are not going to be done the same way.  Organisations are talking about the future of work and...

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Mood and Emotions

By Chris Welford on 23rd February, 2021 in Feelings and Emotions, Moods

Get yourself a notebook or open a new document on your computer and in your own time, reflect on these points: Take a moment to step back and think about your feelings and how you are coping. Have a look at our Stress Circle model here. Where are you? It...

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