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Chris Welford

Being a practising psychotherapist and blending in business psychology and organisational awareness; working with hidden emotional blockers and getting to root causes. Co-author of Staying Sane in Business and Mind Body Balance in Business

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Jackie Sykes

I’m a pragmatist; a driven and positive person who turns ideas into action. It’s my belief that we are all capable of so much more: individually and collectively. My goal is to help to enable my clients to be the best possible versions of themselves they can be. I am co-author of Staying Sane in Business and Mind Body Balance in Business.

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Clare Cohen

Blending business acumen and adult-development psychology with pragmatic mind-body practices to address and improve whole-person functioning. Insights gained through studying martial arts (Brazilian Capoeira and Jiu-jitsu) for 25 years and living in and across other cultures. I work with self-limiting beliefs and reframing complex, intractable issues

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Helen Weston

Helping people to discover fresh insights about themselves and achieve their goals, whilst feeling listened to, understood and supported; using my training and experience as a counsellor alongside my skills as a coach. I take a holistic approach to wellbeing and performance, recognising that we are so much more than ‘the day job’.

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Lesley Holt

A pharmacist with a passion for supporting people in their growth and development to become the best version of themselves. As a senior manager in a corporate role I have faced many of the challenges that my clients face. I quickly create trust with people enabling me to work with them to surface the beliefs that are holding them back.

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Dr Lizzy Bernthal PhD

I have a blend of skills and experience gathered from having supported individuals in UK and abroad in a variety of contexts and cultures in the most austere environments during 25 years of military experience. My wide research, teaching, leadership coaching, mentoring and editorial portfolio enables me to blend psychology and organisational awareness; working with hidden emotional blockers and getting to root causes while supporting clients with a variety of needs. I have also published widely and am an international motivational public speaker

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Ian Matheson

Having held executive business leadership positions, I understand the demands on the people I coach and the context they operate in. This background means I bring a business perspective and understanding to my psychology and coaching skills. I build a deep understanding of people, frequently to their surprise

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James Beevers

My experiences of building and leading teams through challenging times and holding P&L responsibility means I can understand situations leaders face as well as apply the models and methods of my professions.I am informal and effective at building trusting relationships. Some people call this being “Northern”!

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Joy Palfery

My pragmatic business focus combined with an easy rapport and breadth and depth of technical skill. I am happy to work with whatever issues come up (often not the original brief!)

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Kyle Davies

I am the creator of Energy-Flow Coaching™, which provides a framework and process for optimising wellbeing, creativity, motivation, and clarity of mind.Having spent time both as an executive coach in management consulting, and as a practising therapist, I bring an ability to tap into potential by addressing not only behavioural and cognitive factors, but also the deeper psycho-spiritual issues that often underpin work and life challenges. I am the author of ‘The Intelligent Body’

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Lynn Dowding

Putting people at the heart of my work; connecting pragmatism and intuition in an organisational context to create personal engagement. Focusing others on what they do well and bringing alternative perspectives to help them find their best way forward

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Mauro Tarrini

I apply the Egan Model (a problem-management approach to helping) in my coaching and integrate a range of relevant psychological approaches. I facilitate the client in raising their self-awareness, develop a sense of personal responsibility, and help them leverage and play to their strengths to thrive

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Natalia Zalesinska

I blend the latest, cutting edge coaching methodologies, with scientific research and common wisdom.I work holistically with all elements of intelligence – verbal and visual, individual and collective, somatic and mind – in order to master self-awareness, harness potential, foster new creative results and solutions and achieve lasting and deep transformational change

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Rosemary Sandham

Extensive business experience, high level coaching skills, organisation knowledge and an understanding of the psychological perspective through being a psychotherapist. I also bring mindfulness into coaching which can provide powerful tools for enhancing focus, resilience and presence

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Shefali Sharma

A background in business psychology, coaching and body Psychotherapy enables me to integrate body and mind by detecting a person’s defence system early on, adapting my style accordingly to raise awareness, in order to achieve sustainable change

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Susan Townsend

By placing resilience and holistic wellbeing at the core of my coaching; creates a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment for individuals to discover, grow and flourish

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Gwyn Rogers

A reputation for strong commerciality and an appreciation of how to support people’s development within specific industries and business contexts

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Joanna Williams

My Philosophy Life is hard – really tough at times! I believe we can benefit from having a space to bring those challenges to a place where they can be heard, understood, acknowledged and known without judgement or a fear of ‘speaking up’ about what is really going on. Self-belief...

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Neal Edwards

With over 20 years business experience at board & senior management level across several different sectors, I understand the external pressures of modern management. I have gained additional understanding of the personal and internal challenges we face through being a psychotherapist and I am able to explore limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours to help people find a peaceful balance in their lives and in their interactions with others.

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Gary McEwan

Pre-coaching background Senior leadership roles in Financial Services for 3 FTSE 100 organisations. Over 20 years’ experience of leading remote based teams & supply chains. Acted as a media representative and conducted live interviews on BBC and Sky News. An ideal client would be An open minded leader struggling to...

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