Boosting Resilience and Productivity: The Power of a Healthy Microbiome

By Chris Welford on 17th November, 2023 in Resilience, Stress and Pressure, Uncategorized, Wellbeing

  In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the relationship between our gut health and overall well-being. Emerging research suggests that the trillions of microorganisms residing in our gut, collectively known as the microbiome, play a crucial role in various aspects of our health. One fascinating connection...

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The Wisdom of Teams

By Chris Welford on 6th October, 2023 in Coaching

Creativity is a boundless force that fuels innovation and progress in every aspect of our lives. Whilst individual creativity is celebrated and revered, there’s a unique magic that happens when creative minds come together to form a team. Here, we’ll explore the fascinating world of team creativity, delving into the...

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Leading in a VUCA Environment: Navigating Complexity with Agility and Vision

By Chris Welford on 21st September, 2023 in Uncategorized

In a world characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), leaders find themselves steering ships through turbulent waters, where change is not only rapid but often unpredictable.  How can leaders foster stability and progress in a VUCA environment?  Drawing on our experience, here are some ideas: Visionary Leadership We...

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Is A Blended Coaching Approach Best?

By admingr on 13th March, 2023 in Change, Coaching, Development, Getting Help and Support, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Wellbeing

When it comes to coaching is a blended approach best?   Traditionally, coaching and therapy have been seen as two distinct approaches to helping people make positive changes in their lives. Coaching is widely recognised as being one of the most powerful ways in which personal and professional growth can...

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Are Your Resolutions Failing Already?

By admingr on 12th January, 2023 in Change, Coaching, Development, Exercise, Getting Help and Support, Self-knowledge

Are Your Resolutions Failing Already?   For many of us, the promises that we made to ourselves just over a week ago are already looking shaky. By the time we reach the end of this month, around 90% of us will have quietly admitted that the idea of making resolutions...

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