There's one big reason for doing assessment – it's about the reduction of risk.

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There are a number of ways we can help with your businesses assessment needs:

Executive Assessment 

With senior roles it’s imperative to look below the surface and our approach does just that.  Leading organisations commission us time and time again to help them minimise the risk of mis-hires and poor promotion decisions. Our method digs very deep as we undertake a detailed analysis of mental agility, drive, judgement, emotional intelligence and performance under pressure.  The result is a comprehensive analysis of each person’s psychological building blocks.

But it’s not just about the most senior hires or promotions …

Role Profiling and Competency Design

Competencies lie at the heart of most organisations. They are not just essential to the end to end HR life cycle but they also encapsulate the values and shape the culture of a business. We work with our clients to identify the key skills and behaviours that are critical for successful performance within their firm.

Recruitment and Selection Process Review

Whether you typically recruit for volume roles or specialist positions with scarce skills your recruitment process is not only fundamental to identifying talent but it also represents your brand reputation. We will review your end to end recruitment process and make recommendations for improvements to ensure it is cost effective, up-to-date and accurately represents your employer brand. This includes relevant policies, e-recruitment systems, interview guides, assessment tool-kits and psychometric tools.

Interview Design

Interviews are an essential part of most assessment processes and often they are poorly constructed. We create bespoke structured interview guides designed to elicit rich evidence from each candidate that enables our clients to make the right decisions for their business.

Assessment & Development Centre Design

Assessment and development can be expensive and resource hungry, but when they are designed by experts they dramatically increase the return on investment through the accuracy of the assessment and the richness of the development plans. We design engaging and stretching assessment and development centre processes for all levels and types of role. These can involve a wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke materials, including psychometric tools and simulation exercises.

Assessment & Development Centre Delivery

We offer an outsourced delivery option which is fully resourced by us or alternatively we use a blend of client and Sixth Sense assessors. Furthermore, we ensure the centres are as ‘stress-free’ as possible by organising all the logistics. After the events we provide individual feedback and coaching to participants as well as comprehensive and clear written reports, if required.

Assessor Training

To ensure the quality of the assessment process, we offer our clients the opportunity to be trained in best-practice interview and assessment techniques. Our training engages people from all learning styles and builds on current knowledge and expertise. It also covers relevant company policy and employment law.

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Self-knowledge and strengths

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To download this as a PDF click HERE Strict lockdown appears to be easing for now but the new normal is not yet with us. We suspected that for many people the transition phase feels quite ambiguous and anxiety-provoking. Therefore, we created a poll to understand how people are feeling....

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