Shefali Sharma

Pre-coaching background

Clinical services facilitator, business psychology consultant and company director

An ideal client would be

Someone hungry to learn about and develop him/herself; somebody who is vulnerable, e.g. who feels they are being bullied/have been accused of bullying; a person who has lost his or her confidence, perhaps struggling with work life balance issues or suffering from stress

What I don’t like doing

Working with people who use coaching as a tick- box exercise, who don’t engage with the coaching process


Warm and patient, I build rapport quickly and I’m observant and incisive to get to the core of the issue and very keen to empower people to find their own solutions


East Anglia and London

Relevant qualifications

  • BSc., MSc., AFBPsS., C.Psychol.
  • Certificate in Business and Executive coaching
  • Diploma in Body Psychotherapy

Industry sector experience

Accountancy, Business & Finance, Banking, Utilities, Healthcare, Construction, Environment, Academia, Retail

What makes me different?

A background in business psychology, coaching and body Psychotherapy enables me to integrate body and mind by detecting a person’s defence system early on, adapting my style accordingly to raise awareness, in order to achieve sustainable change



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Registered address: 22 Village Square, Bramhall Centre, Bramhall,

Tel: 0800 048 8615


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