Is Yours A Winning Team?

Is Yours a Winning Team?
As the FIFA World Cup hits fever pitch, you are watching some of the best teamwork
around… but what makes up that winning formula and how can we apply it in the
workplace? We are asking Is yours a winning team?
You’ll be familiar with the four phases of team development – forming, storming,
norming and performing.
Formingselecting the squad
Whether it’s on the pitch or at work, hiring the right people with the right skills is vital
but, as we all know, a collection of individuals doesn’t automatically make a team!
People will be excited to join the team, but they will also be wondering how they
need to fit in. Great leaders at this point provide clarity, structure and the opportunity
for team members to really get to know each other.
Storming the first proper phase of positive team dynamics
In any new team there will be challenges. If you get amazing people together, you
should expect a bit of healthy friction. If you are a football coach or a leader in an
organisation, you need to accept this and be skilled at working with it because it’s at
this point that the leader needs to help team members explore their differences and
how best to play to them.
Norming achieving team harmony
As the team melds and matures, it should become better at dealing with problems.
This is the phase where the whole of the team far exceeds the sum of its parts.
Having coached the team on acceptance, inclusion and being true to themselves, it
is at this point that the effective leader moves the focus back onto
goal attainment.
Performing winning against the competition
The last phase of successful team development is about letting go and letting the
magic happen. This is the point where the team is working like a well-oiled machine.
Leadership now is about stepping back and letting people get on with the job at
hand. It’s even possible that the leadership slot could be vacated so that someone
else can have a go!
Here at Sixth Sense, we specialise in coaching world-class teams in organisations.
If you’d like to know how we can help build your winning team click here to book an informal discussion with Chris or Jackie.

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