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Beware of Limbic Thinking!

By admingr on 20th June, 2019 in Psychotherapy & Counselling

How does the stressed mind think?  Relax and give this a moment’s contemplation. You are programmed to deal with emergencies in a remarkably efficient way; using the minimum of precious mental resources and at maximum speed.  Your life depends on it.  That’s what evolution has provided you with – an...

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Trump’s here and that’s a field day for the media. 

By admingr on 4th June, 2019 in Psychotherapy & Counselling, Sane Works

They seem to love battering us with miserable stories and scaremongering about global conflict and the ever-present discomfort of Brexit, which seems to nag away at us like a chronically bad back! But our parents and grandparents lived through far worse, with world wars and a far less generous social...

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Provide First Aid for the Mind

By admingr on 4th February, 2019 in Psychotherapy & Counselling

Want to take a proactive approach to dealing with mental health issues in the workplace?  Want your staff to know how to identify the common symptoms and learn how to act upon them?  Want to drive up engagement and reduce costly sickness absence? Mental ill health is the third biggest...

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New Book – Mind Body Balance by Chris Welford and Jackie Sykes

By admingr on 21st November, 2017 in Psychotherapy & Counselling, Sane Works

There is no-one in business who doesn’t feel stressed from time to time. Stress can be energising, stress can be debilitating, stress can even kill you. In our new book, we explore the physiology and psychology of stress, and how it affects your body and your mind. We focus on...

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It’s the Mental Health Economy, Stupid!

By admingr on 27th October, 2017 in Psychotherapy & Counselling

PDF: It’s a Mental Health Economy, Stupid! Ok, that’s a slight paraphrase of Bill Clinton but this week’s headline that up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems leave their jobs each year is nothing short of alarming. Quite apart from the human cost, the damage to the economy...

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