Gordon Tinline

Gordon Tinline

I am an experienced business psychologist. My commitment is to bring the best psychology knowledge and research into organisations and businesses to practical positive advantage.

My main areas of expertise (ranked by how amazing I am in each) are:

  1. Wellbeing and Resilience;
  2. Leadership Development;
  3. Assessment and Selection.

In 2014 I left Robertson Cooper after fifteen years, I have also previously worked for PA Consulting Group and ASE (NFER-NELSON). I am at my best with groups and teams – facilitating, training and presenting. I have worked at all levels and with a very wide range of organisations. Before becoming a psychologist I was an electrical fitter and design draughtsman (it’s all wiring!). I can still wire up a plug but, unlike my psychology work, I am certainly not chartered or registered to do so. I’m a big believer in a whole person approach. Trying to address people issues at work without considering the whole life context I find increasingly limiting and artificial.   I’m in the early stages of writing a book on managing pressure and continually developing your career at middle to senior levels in organisations. I’m only doing all of this until Bruce Springsteen invites me to join the e-street band

Registered in England & Wales: Company number 07262479 – D-U-N-S Number 21-674-2575
Registered address: 22 Village Square, Bramhall Centre, Bramhall,

Tel: 0800 048 8615
Email: info@sixthsenseconsulting.co.uk


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