Psychotherapy & Counselling

At Sixth Sense we believe it would benefit many of us to talk in confidence to a trained and highly responsive person about our private concerns.

Psychotherapy and Councelling

Sometimes coaching isn’t enough, and your issues run deeper; probably being rooted in formative experiences, upbringing, education, culture, past events or even stress and trauma.  It’s then that we believe there’s benefit for any of us in talking in confidence to a trained and highly responsive person about our private concerns, this is where Psychotherapy and Counselling can help.

There’s an argument that therapy is rearwards facing and coaching is directed towards the future.  There’s another point of view that coaching and therapy shouldn’t be mixed.

We don’t really subscribe to either assertion and our approach to personal development is a deliberate blend of both resolving and unblocking the past and pursuing the goals of the future.  We practice this way because we are qualified in Psychotherapy and Coaching, flexibly responding to each client to “meet them where they are”.

Even with conversations that are purely therapeutic, we don’t approach our work from a purely clinical angle though.  Our deeply humanistic and existential approach is marked by openness, curiosity and relationships that exist on an adult-adult level. After all, your issues may well be no more and no less than the business of making sense of a complex world; full of competing demands.

Maybe you are frustrated by your working life, your relationships with people and the meaning you attach to what you are doing. Maybe you just want to get more out of the totality of your life and be free of unhelpful feelings and beliefs that hold you back.

But we don’t just work with you as a mind; we are equally interested in supporting your total wellbeing. This means as practitioners we have something to say about rest and relaxation, about eating and exercise and lastly, about how to navigate the complexities of the often-thorny issue of achieving work-life balance.

Whatever your needs are, we are here to help.

New Year – New You

By admingr on 7th January, 2015 in Psychotherapy & Counselling

There’s no doubt that at some point in the last week you have thought about change.  Your intentions will be real enough and you will have learnt from last year won’t you?   This year if you have made resolutions they will have been realistic, there will be fewer of...

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Valentine’s Day – Emotional Literacy

By admingr on 14th February, 2014 in Psychotherapy & Counselling

A couple of years ago I attended a workshop with one of the last remaining, living disciples of Eric Berne, the founder of transactional analysis. As I listened to Claude Steiner, a powerful and provocative figure now in his seventies, I wondered if there was still a place for the...

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Depressing reading?

By Chris Welford on 21st October, 2013 in Psychotherapy & Counselling

 A quarter of the UK population has at some time has been diagnosed with depression with up to 15% of people in employment taking time off. That’s 4.5 million working people at least! The cost of poor mental health is colossal – £1,000 per employee per year or almost £26...

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The unexpected effect on inmates of changing to LED lighting

By admingr on 21st August, 2013 in Psychotherapy & Counselling

Chris Welford is a business psychologist and he has worked extensively within SERCO prisons. His original role was in assessing and coaching senior managers and during one of these interviews the conversation touched on the effects of light on the behaviour of people in prison. This eventually led to Serco...

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Coaching Or Therapy

By admingr on 18th March, 2012 in Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counselling

Is there a difference? I’m aware that this is a question that opens up a whole can of worms and to start with I should declare my position up front as I do both! LET’S START BY ESTABLISHING SOME COMMON GROUND. It seems safe to assume that we would all...

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