Sometimes the difference between a good solution and an excellent one is a little insight.

Direction of leadership development

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We see little evidence of traditional leadership development programmes working so we knew in designing our programmes we needed to be different. We believe that leaders develop best when they work with live business issues and draw upon their own knowledge, skills and experience in a supportive but challenging environment.

Too many programmes focus on the theory of Leadership Development rather than the issues facing the actual business and leaders at the time.

This is why we spend a great deal of time in partnership with you to ensure the programme is not only a success, but also changes the overall performance of the business, not just the leaders on the programme.

Our development approach is underpinned by just three tenets:

  • Learning more about self
  • Developing deeper relationship skills
  • Sharpening business-critical perspectives and exploring wider horizons

This is inside-out leadership development, grounded in the principles of coaching, solutions-focused working and positive psychology.

Widening Horizons with a Leadership Development programme

 Sometimes the difference between a good solution and an excellent one is a little insight. We provide a series of masterclasses by blending the minimum of theory with the practical insights of other leaders. What’s important here is that these sessions are co-determined and created. In the past, we have run sessions on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Partnership working
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing through tough times
  • Moving from management to leadership
  • Managing upwards



Those Difficult Conversations

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The hope that our encounter with someone at work is going to be a rational one is understandable but if we try and strip the emotion out altogether; if we fail to acknowledge the feelings that accompany any relationship between two people and if we try and keep each and...

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