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The unexpected effect on inmates of changing to LED lighting

By admingr on 21st August, 2013 in Psychotherapy & Counselling

Chris Welford is a business psychologist and he has worked extensively within SERCO prisons. His original role was in assessing and coaching senior managers and during one of these interviews the conversation touched on the effects of light on the behaviour of people in prison. This eventually led to Serco...

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Coaching Or Therapy

By admingr on 18th March, 2012 in Executive Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counselling

Is there a difference? I’m aware that this is a question that opens up a whole can of worms and to start with I should declare my position up front as I do both! LET’S START BY ESTABLISHING SOME COMMON GROUND. It seems safe to assume that we would all...

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The Human Aspects of Change

By admingr on 18th February, 2012 in Executive Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counselling

Why does change fail to deliver? There are many reasons but one might be that in the middle of a sea of project management disciplines, good as they are, we lose track of some simple human needs. Firstly, most people face change with a degree of trepidation. Many leaders have...

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