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Soft skills are the hardest

By admingr on 24th March, 2016 in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development

Despite the fact that companies will frequently say that ‘our people are their greatest asset’ the reality is that many managers consider people issues to be too ‘woolly’ and not worth spending time on. They often don’t feel that they add value to the real task of doing business. Difficult...

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Not Nervous Enough

By admingr on 25th February, 2016 in Executive Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counselling

You will know the uncomfortable, restless feeling of being anxious. Whether you are concerned about meeting a deadline, a presentation you have to give or your performance at an important meeting, your feeling of fear does certainly not add any enjoyment to tasks that may be daunting enough in themselves!...

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Happy Endings

By admingr on 28th January, 2016 in Executive Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counselling

There never seems to be enough time! The temptation is to try and do everything at once in an eternal act of juggling: taking a call from your boss, helping the kids with homework, walking the dog, putting the bins out – multiple demands on your attention. One day, you...

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Rust-out: the unfamiliar cousin of burn-out!

By admingr on 4th February, 2015 in Executive Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counselling

Many professional people will have heard of and perhaps experienced burn-out. Like the terms ‘low’, ‘stressed’ and the other commonplace descriptions used to explain what happens when our psychological fuel tank runs empty, what they mean is unique to each person.  However, there is the lesser-known cousin to burn-out which...

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Getting the most out of coaching – top 10 tips

By admingr on 25th March, 2014 in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development

Choosing a coach isn’t always easy, even when you have a recommendation from a trusted source.  What’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another, even if you have done your homework and taken up references.   Here are our top ten tips to help you make the right decision...

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