Back to School Competencies

By admingr on 18th September, 2012 in Coaching, Development

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is over, those of us lucky enough to be in paid employment or enterprise are heading back to work and the children are contemplating the imminent arrival of school, lessons and homework. IT STARTED ME THINKING… What if we had competency...

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Inspired by Austerity

By admingr on 18th May, 2012 in Coaching, Development

Back in recession or bumping along the bottom. It seems to make little difference and it’s hard to get excited or depressed about so-called growth that falls from less than 1% to, well less than minus 1%! It probably matters to the economists but to the rest of us the...

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Those Difficult Conversations

By admingr on 18th January, 2012 in Coaching, Development

The hope that our encounter with someone at work is going to be a rational one is understandable but if we try and strip the emotion out altogether; if we fail to acknowledge the feelings that accompany any relationship between two people and if we try and keep each and...

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